Commercial Cleaning Throughout New York City!

Tips on how to keep your desk neat and clean!

We have cleaned hundreds of offices throughout the New York City area over the years. Time and time again as we wash windows, empty trash cans and vacuum carpets we always notice the way many people maintain their workspace. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your desk area neat and clean!

  • Use a raised shelf for your computer monitor. It frees up space and allows you store items underneath if you need to.
  • Use a pencil holder. Old school option to keep your pens and pencils neat
  • Reduce the knick knacks! Keep photos of your family or fur babies but the Funko Game of Thrones collection can probably go.
  • Remove the pile of papers. If you haven’t used them in weeks you probably don’t need them. Consider filing away if absolutely necessary otherwise it’s time to shred

Try to do a quick tidy-up of your desk on Fridays before you head out for the weekend. That way you can return on Monday with a clean slate! Your office cleaners will thank you as well!

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