Commercial Cleaning Throughout New York City!

Holiday Office Cleaning Tips

Now that the holidays have arrived, it’s prime time to do some office cleaning before the New Year. Most people are not paying attention to how clean the office really is due to office parties, taking time off, etc but organizing and keeping the office clean is a great way to end the year and … Continued

Why Your Office Needs Fall Cleaning

As the long warm summer days draw to a close and fall is upon us, many people tend to use this change in season to clean their homes and get organized for the dark, cold winters that are upon us. If you own a business, your office space can certainly benefit from a good fall … Continued

Tips on how to keep your desk neat and clean!

We have cleaned hundreds of offices throughout the New York City area over the years. Time and time again as we wash windows, empty trash cans and vacuum carpets we always notice the way many people maintain their workspace. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your desk area neat and clean! Use … Continued

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