Commercial Cleaning Throughout New York City!

How your retail store can be competitive just by keeping it clean!

Surprising to hear that many retail stores fail to keep their businesses clean in the NYC area. We receive call often of stores asking us to do a quick clean, but ultimately a retail business that does not keep up with basic cleaning and organization of their store will soon realize their sales are falling due to simple appearance.

Your storefront makes the first impression to your customers. Clean windows increase visibility inside your retail store which is important because people driving or walking by only have several seconds to view your storefront. Floor cleaning is important for retail stores because clean floors make the store more presentable and safer.

Not only do the floors and windows need to be clean on a constant basis, but the overall air quality will suffer if a retail store is not cleaned daily. Improve air quality & ventilation by cleaning your HVAC system’s air filters. Indoor plants filter airborne toxins making them not only a great way to create a healthier shopping environment, but to decorate your store as well and can change for different seasons.

Citywide Maintenance Service is a NYC based commercial cleaning company that specializes in retail store cleaning. Our employees are not contractors, and we will provide the best quality cleaning service you should expect from a professional cleaning company in New York City. Call or contact us today for a free quote.

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